June 21-25

Embark on an epic quest through hidden ruins, ancient caves, and dense jungles. At Treasured VBS, kids dig into action-packed, faith-filled adventures. They’ll discover God’s greatest treasure isn’t diamonds, gems, or gold–it’s them!


Watch the playlists below to join us for VBS!

VBS Preschool

VBS Elementary


How do I register my kids or my kids’ friends?

A – Registration is a little different this year. Instead of taking individual names of kids, we are letting you register your crew. Remember when we used to let you request a friend or two your child could be in a crew with? Well now, you are their crew leader and can form your own crews! So, on the registration page, register yourself as the crew leader. There’s space there to put the number of children you will have in your group.

What if I don’t know how many kids will be in my group yet?

A –That’s OK! Guess and let us know by June 7th! The form is editable, so you can go back and change or simply email Katie (khill@covumc.org) and she can do so for you! Right now, it’s just important for us to know how many crews we have.

We have lots of ages in our neighborhood. How do we divide?

A – We suggest having a crew for preschool and a crew for elementary. Just because their crafts, games, and Bible stories are different for those ages. However, the opening and closing are the same so you can all gather together to watch that! We’d also suggest trying to keep crews no more than 6-10 or however many you think you can handle! If it’s too many, ask more adults to help and register as crew guides. In-person VBS usually breaks up kids by two years (i.e., K3/K4; K5/1st; 2nd/3rd; 4th/5th). But you break up your crews however you’d like! Also, if you have just one preschool child and a bunch of 1st graders, that little one can come on as an elementary kiddo. If you have an almost 3-year-old who wants to join other preschool friends, that’s possible this year!

What do you suggest for a typical day?

A – First, leader, watch the craft tutorial so you know how to do them! Look over your daily instructions and find the items needed for the day. Gather the kids and watch opening together. Then, move to crafts, then watch Bible story (maybe have snack while you watch and discuss it), then get the kids moving with games, followed by watching Closing. Anything you watch could be done with lots of kids. The crafts, games, and any discussion is probably best in smaller groups.

How do we keep this socially distant?

A – Outside would be best! Some neighborhoods are using their clubhouse to watch anything, and you can wear masks while inside. Some leaders have told us they are using outdoor projector screens or TVs on porches! Feel free to ask kids to wear masks when inside or not socially distant outside. It is really whatever you are comfortable with!

We are keeping it quiet and just want to do VBS as a family. Is that OK or do we need a big group?

A – You may for sure just do VBS as your family. That’s absolutely possible. This VBS can be done with 2 or 20 kids in a group! We’ve also had some grandparents mention they keep grandkids during the day and they want to do this VBS while they keep the little ones!

Can my spouse, parent, or sibling be my co-leader?

A – If you are doing VBS at your house with your family members only, then yes, that is totally fine! But, if you are inviting friends to your house, then under our safe sanctuary policy, no they cannot be your second adult. If there’s another safe-sanctuary trained adult with you, that’s fine! Or come together as a few families and all watch opening and closing and Bible Story together, then break up into smaller groups for games and crafts!

I want to invite some other parents in my neighborhood to join me as crew leaders, but they are not Covenant members. Is that OK?

A – Absolutely! Just have them sign up and we will reach out about background check and safe sanctuary training via Zoom.

How do I share this with my neighborhood?

A – Share this website with them (www.covumc.org/vbs). Also, we generally use our public CovKids Facebook page just for things like this to keep our families private. But go there to share as well. We will put things on our CovKids Instagram page as well. You can probably use the images we’ve provided on our website or social media, but reach out to Katie or Madison if you need any images!

What in the world do we do as crew leaders? This seems like a big job!

A – No worries! We will package everything up for you – crafts, items needed for rotations, and even snack! Opening and closing will be recorded for you to watch every day, as well as Bible Stories hosted by our Covenant Staff. Craft tutorials will be recorded too. All of these will be available on our new CovKids YouTube Channel for easy watching! As a crew leader in the past for in-person VBS, you just walk kids from station to station and participate in the rotations with them. That’s basically what you are doing here!

When do I get my supplies?

A – We will have two options for crew leaders to come and find out all the information you need, answer last minute questions, and pick up your boxes. They are Thursday, June 10 at 7:00 PM and Sunday, June 13 at 5 PM.

Can my middle or high schooler help?

A – Yes! We’d love to see our families come together for this VBS! Students are often the BEST assistant crew leaders for VBS. We’d love to see them help with this VBS. But unless they are over 18 and Safe Sanctuary trained, they do not count as your second adult.

We are out of town the week of VBS! Can we not still do VBS?

A – Even through you won’t be able to attend the Kickoff Event on Monday of VBS week, it’s OK if you cannot do VBS on each of the days or event that whole week! Since everything is pre-recorded and provided for you, it will be available on the YouTube Channel for a while and you can get your supplies and do everything whenever you’d like!

Do we have to do this day by day or can we consolidate days?

A – We suggest keeping everything by the days, but you do whatever works for you! Some people might want to consolidate and do this over a weekend! Have swim meet Thursday? Skip that day and let Saturday be your final day. Again, this format allows for flexibility in however it works for you!

Do we get T-shirts of CDs this year?

A – All volunteers get a t-shirt! We will also have some child size T-shirts for sale at the Kickoff event ($5 each). We will also have CDs for sale then too ($3 each).