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Welcome to Covenant’s Member Portal.

If you are a Covenant member or a regular attender of Covenant, we encourage you to create an account. Once you set up your account, using the email on file and a password you create, you can then log-in to the church database.

We ask that when you set-up your account and log-in for the first time to please review your personal information (both individual and family) and make corrections as needed.

It is very important for your information to be current and correct in order for Covenant to utilize this church management software to its full potential.

Need an Account?

Overview, Information, How-to Register:
Logging in to Covenant’s member portal provides a secure, web-based environment that allows you to connect with our database from any computer with internet access. Please note: The information in our database is not shared with outside organizations. We use the information in the database to keep in touch with members and attendees, as well as track participation in the life of the church.
If you gave Covenant a valid and current email address when you, either joined the church, signed the attendance card (regular attendee / visitor) or made a contribution, then you should be a part of Covenant’s database. When attempting to set up your account, if you receive a message screen saying “we were unable to locate a record matching your information. . .” this means either the email you entered is not the one in the database or there is no email in the database for you. To correct this contact the church office to have your email entered or updated.
Once you set up your account, using the email on file and a password you create, you can then log-in to the church database.
You will find that your account has many user-friendly features:
Manage Personal Profile Information:
(example: If you get a new phone number or email address, you can log in and update your information.) Since the database is new, we ask that once you set-up an account to please go in and verify/correct you and your family’s personal information.
Set Security on Personal Information:
Setting Security on Your Profile Page (located under the “Home” Tab.)
Our new database allows you to control your security settings. Look for the tab, “Personal Preferences” and follow the prompts to set your security. ***Settings are for an individual, be sure to set for your family.
Give Online and View Contributions:
Through the Giving tab at the top of the page, you may give online and view your contributions, with the ability to print. Contributions for 2015 from June through December are available to view and print (full year of 2015 is not available due to the transition of financials to the new system). Beginning with January 1, 2016 you should have full access to your contribution statement.
Group and Service Commitments:
Check your participation at Covenant in groups and serving commitments.
Church Calendar:

View the church calendar in detail.

Please note: Due to our concern to protect our members/attendees information, you will not be able to access a church membership directory. Information is available for other church members/attendees who are in your Sunday School class or Small Group, however, this information is limited to what the individual allows through their personal security settings.