The Way Forward Committee

The Way Forward Committee was formed more than 4 years ago to research issues regarding the United Methodist denomination as it related to enforcement of the Book of Discipline. Specifically, the ordination of bishops, clergy, issues on human sexuality, and accountability within our UMC Polity. This page is dedicated to resourcing our church members with details pertaining to the issues and help educate them.  

Below you will find our 4 week “Educational Campaign”, a Comparison of Wesleyan Denominations, Scripture References, a Discernment Guide, and a copy of a letter sent to the Office of Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, South Carolina Annual Conference’s residential bishop. 

This page will constantly be updated as The Way Forward Committee continues to meet and get further updates pertaining to the issues facing our denomination and what Covenant’s role is in the midst of it all. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct your communications to one of the following individuals: Bonnie Blackman (Church Council Chair), John Thomas (Way Forward Committee Chair), or Rev. Darren Hook (Senior Pastor).

Even in the midst of these challenging and concerning times within our denomination, we are excited and confident that God will continue to work in BIG ways here at Covenant as He has for the past many years. 

Wesleyan Denominations

Here is a breakdown of current Wesleyan Denominations in a “comparison” format.

Scripture References

Resource Guide

Letter to the Bishop

Town Hall Video

Click the button below to watch the most recent Town Hall from back on November 13th, 2022.