Covenant Leadership.


“Those who guide or direct a group; the act or instance of leading; capacity to lead.”
Facilitating the day-to-day ministries and missions of Covenant requires many to give of their time and talents in ways most never see. Here is a portion of the existing infrastructure that helps all of us do our best for God at Covenant.
2021 Church Council
Lay Leader: Johnny McGatha
Lay Members of Annual Conference: Roy Moore, Harold James, Steve Bobo, Margaret Banks, Judy Roberts, Laura Geloni, Larry Blackman, Dan Stageburg, Madison Huggins, Pat Fitzsimmons
Council Chair: Bonnie Blackman
Trustees, Chair: Brandon Saltmarsh
Finance, Chair: Buck Baker
SPRC, Chair: Tim Gilbreath
Treasurer: Julie Roberts
Recording Secretary: Janet Jennings
Council on Ministries, Chair: Nita Owens
Young Adult Representative: __________
Youth Representative: Brady Barlow
Church Council Member at Large: Jack Roberts
Men’s Ministry Coordinator: Josh Burgess
Women’s Ministries Coordinator: ________
2021 Council on Ministries
Membership Secretary: Janis Pritchard
Financial Secretary: Eva Schafer
Historian: Judy Gallamore
Missions Chair: Meri Lovelace
Student Ministry Chair: Kenny Garner (High School) & Jaime Atkinson (Middle School)
Children’s Ministry Chair: Megan Saltmarsh
Children’s Music Ministry Chair: Alison Maloy
Student Ministry Chair: Angie Sheppard
Discipleship Team: Sue Manwaring
Seniors Ministries Coordinator: Keith Baynard
Evangelism Ministries Chair: Robert & Katie Cook
In His Steps Coordinator: Sharon Payne
New Member Assimilation Chair: Gilda Brown
Nurture Chair: Susan Fowler
Creative Worship Planning Chair : Alicia Dittmar
Worship Support Chair: Melinda Hensley
Prayer Ministry Coordinator: Sharon Smith
Recreation Ministry Coordinator: Jaime Atkinson
CCA Advisory Board Chair: Linda Guthrie
Media Ministry Chair: Robin Kerr
Men’s Ministry Coordinator: Josh Burgess
Women’s Ministries Coordinator: _______
Lay Leadership Committee
2021: Jennifer VanGieson, Dustin Woodall, Phyllis Thomas
2022: Ed Rose, Brian Disher, Crystal Garner
2023: Rick Ammons, Dale Ouelette, Greg Hensley
Lay Leader – Johnny McGatha
Staff Parish Relations Committee
2021: Stuart Yarborough, Skip Spencer, Ann Mattfeld
2022: Vicki Bobo, Tim Gilbreath, Sheldon Early
2023: Mitch Howard, Kim Ebel, Richard Webb
Lay Member of Annual Conference – Roy Moore
Lay Leader – Johnny McGatha
Chairperson – Tim Gilbreath
Finance Committee
2021: Donna Babb, Bill Manwaring, Ken Greenwood
2022: Chad Reingardt, Carol Green, Buck Baker
2023: Diane Lewis, Jimmy Kimbell, Allen Buckner
Lay Leader – Johnny McGatha
Church Council Chair – Bonnie Blackman
SPRC Chair – Tim Gilbreath
Board of Trustees Chair – Brandon Saltmarsh
Lay Member of Annual Conference – Larry Blackman
Treasurer – Julie Roberts
Financial Secretary – Eva Schafer
Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Bookkeeper – ex officio
Board of Trustees
2021: Brad Carey, Corey Lee, Cindy Clemmons
2022: David Hughey, Brandon Saltmarsh, Katie Harrison
2023: Carl Ogren, Cindy Turner, Craig Dittmar
Alternate Lay Members to Annual Conference – Larry Pasek, Janice Moore,  Pam Pasek, Jared Huggins, Steve Banks, Tullio Geloni